Lighting for Planted Tanks

In fact aquarium lighting is most important to the fishes because it will gives oxygen and energy and it makes sure the overall well being of your pets. According to the studies says that light is essential to the fish growth, bacteria, corals and plants. Actually no freshwater aquarium is completed without proper lighting. Without proper lighting fish and plants might wither and die so you must carefully select the best aquarium LED lighting to make sure that doesn't happen. In case you are a beginner to the aquarium lighting then you must consider about the certain things such as
  • The numbers of the lumens per watt
  • PAR is also known as photo-synthetically active radiation
  •  Kelvin
  • Wattage
In fact PAR is the light which is beneficial to the algae and plant grows. Lumen refers to the lighting brightness and wattage indicates the amount of energy used in the plant lighting. 

Different kinds of Aquarium Lighting 

Actually fluorescent are most common types of the lighting available for aquarium lighting and it is mostly suited to the planted aquariums and freshwater fish. It comes with the different kinds of sizes so that you can select the best one according to your requirements. T-5 high output fluorescent is the advanced types of the fluorescent light and this type of light is best choice to larger tank environments. 

This kind of the bulbs is generating the significant amount of the heat and it will monitor the temperature inside of the aquarium. In a present world most of the people are willing to choose light emitting diode because it is relatively new to the lighting aquarium. It comes with the different kinds of features such as slim design, cool operating temperatures, shimmer colors and effects and low cost to operate. 

One of the studies says that fish will require 5,500K to 20000 Kelvin rating and plants required 65000 to 18000K so you must consult with experienced people to know about the Kelvin rating. In fact different kinds of the aquariums are available such as fish only, freshwater planted aquariums and marine reef aquariums so that people can select the best one based on your requirements. 

Always try to select the lighting system according to the recent technology because it can operate with the less heat. Different kinds of the aquarium lighting are there so that people can pick the best one based on your desire. Most of the people are recommended 10000K because it is the safest one to fish and plants.

How to choose the perfect aquarium lighting?

Actually choosing a good aquarium LED lighting is quite difficult task because you should consider certain things such as aquarium lighting terms. There are wide ranges of the bulbs are there such as actinic, color enhancing, full spectrum, fluorescent, incandescent and led so select the one based on your desire. 

In fact aquarium plant is required certain basic requirements like carbon dioxide, light and nutrients. In case you are a beginner to lighting aquarium then try to acquire help from a professional.